Photographer Hire

Price: $120


  • Photographic coverage
  • Unlimited photographs
  • High resolution copy of all images
  • Studio lighting
  • Travel charges may apply
  • Option to add Celebrity Red Carpet backdrop

We also give you a complete package with all the inclusions.



On average people spend more than $3000 in total for an event. What’s a better way to remember your memories with photos that bring them back to life and making the most out of every dollar. Choosing an event photographer is not as easy as it seems and it can be very pricy, especially if you end up with someone who over charges and the end result are just average photos. We have also heard of other photographers being very rude to the  guests. With us, we like to think that we are ghosts moving around capturing those precious moments every second with out missing those candid shots.


  1. Our prices are very low for the quality and friendless of the photos you receive. We have compared our event photographer with other photographers that charge well over $500 for only a couple of hours coverage and the results speak for themselves below.  Our quality was better and we provided a lot more photos per hour and our inclusions was almost double at no extra charge !
  2. Our photographers are more relaxed and make you feel comfortable around them. The last thing what you want is for someone to make you feel nerves.
  3. We come professionally dresses for your event. Have you ever noticed when you saw photographers running around with shorts or jeans at a formal function ? what were your thoughts ? “unprofessional”
  4. You get more photos, way more. You get more memories. I’ve read many many blogs from these photographers reviews where customers complain about the number of photos they received at the end. For $500 they were expecting somewhere around 300 to 500 photos which is very very reasonable. But they got hardly half of that around 200 at the most.
  5. Top of the line model cameras are used for all event photography. Equipment average worth is well over $12,000.