Open style Photo Booth Hire (test)

  • UNLIMITED Prints
  • Prop Box
  • Digital Copy
  • Prints 2 copies
  • DSLR Camera
  • Email/Facebook upload option *
  • Video option
  • Colour , Sepia, Black & White
  • Up to 25 Props !
  • Backdrop can be customised * Extra Charge
  • Min Duration on Fri, Sat, Sun – 3hrs
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A photo booth is the most popular item on an entertainment list, It’s a must have at almost every event. But how do you pick the right photo booth for your event ? We have done over 2000 events in experience over the last 4 years and we have come across terrible photo booth companies. Most of which are made from home and are completely unreliable with very poor quality. A photographer with a camera on a tripod is not a “photo booth” and the others well and truly over charge. Our photo booths are manufactured at factories with industry standard quality. We not only give them out on hire but we also sell them. We also use a Dye-Sub printer, its the same ones used at office works and Big W, one of the best in the market. We found most operators use home printers and they manually cut the photos into strips, keep in mind that these photos will not last and not “A” grade quality. Keep in mind when you pay $400+ for a night, you want the best value for your money. * Please note that if no photo booth colour or type is selected by notifying us, a default photo booth will be provided that’s available.


We Welcome you, to our showroom for any inspections or enquiries.

By Appointment only..



(MIN DURATION 5 hours or more )

Use our photo booth for as long as you like. Unlimited prints. We have removed the time restrictions.

We drop the photo booth off during the day, and pick it up the next day. NO LIMIT on time! use it for as long as you like.

The booth will remain on till we collect it. Our booths will always be stacked with full paper to ensure that it lasts for at least 8 hours continuous use non stop prints. How are we able to achieve this ? we use the same printers that BIG W and OfficeWorks use for printing photos. Which basically means we are able to stack more paper for longer period of use.

Here are some reasons  why YOU and our photo booths DONT require an attendant!

  1. Our photo booths are completely automatic – Same as the ones in the shopping centers – Do you see an attendant at the booth in shopping centers ? The reason for this, is because its industrial built and are reliable, same like ours. We manufacture photo booths and other equipment at factories
  2. Save over $150 on attendant fees – Why would you prefer to have a stranger at your function. This is the feedback we received from customers years ago when we used to provide an attendant- Your guests are going to feel uncomfortable taking out photos while using the photo booth and trying to act silly while a stranger, “attendant” is watching you. Its just awkward.
  3. Its so easy to use- All you have to do is touch the screen to start, it then takes out 4 photos roughly around 5 secs apart and prints them out under 10secs. Many photo booth companies build boxes out of wood from their home, making it very unreliable and hence why they would be required to stay at the function when it breaks down. The fixing time is going to eat your money up out of your hire period.
  4. Our booths are always tested before sending them out. we have a 24/7 mobile technician on call which we have never had to use for over 16 months to date !


  1. We set up before your event and pack up only after your event if the duration is 5 hours or more. Lets say you book our photo booth for 5 hours, but your event runs for about 6 hours or so from 7pm to 1am. This means that we will set up before 7pm at a time convenient to you and only pack up after 1am or if preferred the next day at no extra charge. This means you wont have someone setting up or packing up while your event is still running.
  2. Our photo booths are easy to operate and are fully automated with a huge stock of paper to enjoy during your hire period. You don’t require an actual photo booth attendant. This saves you money and also you wouldn’t have a stranger while your guests are using the photo booth, eliminates awkwardness and extra fees.
  3. You have control over when you want to start the photo booth, by simply switching on the power button. The photo booth then automatically starts up and also shuts down automatically after the hire period ends. For example lets say your event starts at 7pm and ends at 12 and one hour into the function you notice that hardly 10 people have rocked up, you can always start the photo booth later when most of your guests arrive and your hire period starts from when you turn it on. Giving you the most out of your hire period. Most companies will not allow this. So from 7 -8pm you would have had the booth running, with almost little to noting use and prints and over a $100 for that hour down the drain.
  4. Our photo booths can be used for any kids parties as well. The height of the booth is completely adjustable for little toddlers to use. Its amazing to watch a 3 year old operating our booth, Yes! its that easy . The size of all our photo booths is completely adjustable making it easy to place in any size space at a venue.
  5. All our staff members are – police checked, workers with children checked, qualified technicians, professionally dressed, and not to mention friendly