elite enclosed booth

Elite Enclosed PhotoBooth

Price: $6499

INCLUSIONS : Full turn key package

✓ Lightweight strong figtek construct

✓ 17″ touch screen custom built PC

✓ Hiti 525l dye sublimation printer

✓ DSLR camera

✓ Full software

✓ Instagram prints included

✓ Remote access installed on all devices

✓ Social media integration

✓ One year warranty

✓ Free upgrades for 12 months

✓ Full training included


Elite Enclosed PhotoBooth

business with less investment

Business with less investment

Looking to start a business that’s both fun and profitable? We are here to help you. As you know these days, no event is complete without a photo booth, which will keep your business more engaged for the whole year. With the minimum investment, you can give every event your best shot. You can expect quick turnarounds in less than 1 or 2 events and sure you will be surprised by the events getting booked to your calendar.

Great fun

Being a corporate or private parties, a photo booth investment gives you an opportunity to interact with amazing people. People will be excited to have more fun. You can easily engage them with creative additions like props, backdrops, photo strip, social media interaction, video clips etc at your events. More the fun you add to your event, more the money you can earn in a stress- free way.

great fun
endless posibility

Endless possibilities

Having handled thousands of events, we assure you a photo booth of great quality at a very low cost. Our photo booth has endless possibilities, in such a way that perfectly fits any kind of events. So it’s the right time to get creative with our booth and take your business to the next level.

Proven technology

The modernity of our photo booth keeps you tension free for any kind of event. Styled with elegance, the Enclosed Photo Booth requires very less space to set-up. Just flip the power button and there you go! Without any mess around, you can handle the events all alone in a peaceful manner.

proven technology

Get your hands on the most elegant, easy to transport and set up a fully enclosed photo booth. The first question that we get asked is why are we much lower than the other companies. Wondering why our prices are so cheap? give us a call to find out. It takes less than 3 mins to set up. We have designed all our booths to automatically start up and shut down automatically after the hire period saving you time and stress. We also have made the photo booth easy to use and completely reliable thereby eliminating the need for an attendant. What you buy, is a photobooth with over 7 years of experience put into it. Come in and have a look for your self. Test it out and compare and see how easy it is to setup, transport and pack up.

We welcome you, to our showroom for any inspections or inquiries


1. Lightweight – You’ll be surprised how light our fully enclosed photo booth is, it is made from aluminum.

2. Sets up in 3 mins. Watch our video so see how quick it is to set up and pack up. You don’t need to set any software, lighting or anything else. Just flip the power switch on and it all automatically sets up, regardless of the lighting conditions.

3. Its robust, reliable and user-friendly thereby eliminating the need for an attendant. This means that you can deliver and pick it up the next day, without you having to be around, thereby saving your money on attendant fees and not wasting your time doing nothing.

4. Remote access – You will be able to access the photo booth from anywhere remotely. This enables you to extend hire periods remotely without even traveling to the destination.

5. The price is very reasonable in the market compared to other companies. Most of them charge well over 10k for a full turn key operation.